Sportsland Aya

"Aya-machi" is ideal for sports training camps
Ayagawaso has excellent access to sports facilities

In recent years, sports facilities have been improved in Aya-cho, and professional teams are showing excitement to the extent that they even hold training camps. Please leave the accommodation facilities for each school, company, and club team! Ayagawaso is ideal for sports training camps!

What is Ayagawaso?

Selected as a UNESCO Eco Park
An inn nestled in nature-rich "Ayamachi"

UNESCO parks are unique areas where “humans” and “nature” coexist. We aim not only to strictly protect the natural environment inhabited by diverse organisms, but also to ensure the sustainable development of the people who live around it. Ayagawaso is an inn that stands in such a world-class environment. Spend a relaxing time surrounded by the murmuring of the river and the greenery of the trees.

Ayagawaso Healing Village

Healing village
Aya Town has a full range of programs that allow you to come into contact with nature. With Ayakawaso as your base, you can feel the rich and precious nature of Aya Town, a "healing village".

01The charm of Ayagawaso


Dining around the hearth will make you feel nostalgic and warm your body and soul. For dinner, enjoy a multi-course meal using seasonal ingredients from local production for local consumption, and for breakfast, enjoy a relaxing Japanese set meal.
*Dishes vary depending on the season.

02The charm of Ayagawaso

Big bath

From the large windows, you can see the evergreen tree and the suspension bridge over the Ayakita River. Take a relaxing bath while gazing at the soothing scenery.

03The Charm of Ayagawaso

The room
Aya Town has a full range of programs that allow you to come in contact with nature.
You can feel the rich and precious nature of Aya-machi, the "healing town".

staying plan

  • Camp plan

    There are training camp plans for a wide range of ages, from students to adults. Prices vary depending on age and accommodation plan.

  • Travel/general accommodation plan

    It is a popular plan where you can enjoy seasonal flavors using local ingredients.

  • business plan

    It is a plan for customers who use it for work such as long-term stays and workations.

  • Cottage use plan

    The barbecue building is adjacent and can accommodate 5 to 6 people.

  • Miyazaki gourmet special plan

    This is a special plan where you can choose from 4 plans and enjoy Miyazaki gourmet. You are welcome not only for meals during your stay, but also for meals alone.

Recruitment information

At Ayagawaso,
We are recruiting

The most rewarding part of my job is when I see the smiles of our customers.
When I see customers smiling when they check out, I feel that the hospitality of our facility has reached them, which makes me very happy. Imagining the day we can meet again, I will continue to do my best so that many customers can relax from the bottom of their hearts and have a wonderful time.


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    We renewed our homepage.

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