Aya Town has a full range of programs that allow you to come into contact with nature. With Ayakawaso as your base, you can feel the rich and precious nature of Aya Town, a "healing village".

Areas coexisting with evergreen forests

Aya Town in Miyazaki Prefecture is home to Japan's largest evergreen evergreen forest, and is a unique area where "humans" and "nature" coexist.
Its activities were recognized and it was registered as a “UNESCO Eco Park”.
Aya Town aims to create a community that puts into practice "Ayabito, who integrate nature and living, healing and health." There are experiences unique to Aya Town, such as "Forest Therapy" where you can walk in the forest with a guide, and "Horse Therapy" where you can come into contact with horses in the majestic nature.

What is a UNESCO Eco Park?

The UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Eco Park is one of the efforts of UNESCO, which is famous for its "World Heritage". The area, which has been highly evaluated as a model for regional development that practices "symbiosis between nature and human society," has been registered as a UNESCO Eco Park.



Relax in one of the largest evergreen forests in Japan

"Forest therapy" refers to forest bathing supported by scientific evidence. We aim to maintain and promote mental and physical health and prevent illness while enjoying the forest. "Forest therapy" is a new way to enjoy the forest, not hiking or mountaineering, but for health.

Aya no Mori Two Ways to Walk

  • evergreen forest

    Evergreen forests are broad-leaved forests that do not lose their leaves even in winter, and are covered with trees such as oaks and oaks that have glossy dark green leaves with a cuticle layer (stratum corneum) on the leaf surface. .
    How about getting in touch with a wide variety of animals and plants along with the trees that express the expressions of the four seasons bathed in sunlight, as if written as teruha?
    We also hope that it will be an opportunity to reconsider the evergreen evergreen forest culture that has continued since ancient times.

  • forest therapy

    You can easily experience forest therapy with a guide. "Forest bathing" is the soothing and relaxing effect you feel when you enter the forest.
    The mechanism is due to a substance called phytoncide that makes negative ions and air fresh.

mountain of adventure

Ayu no Sato


Interacting with magnificent nature, I dreamed
Encounter an emotional scene

“Horse therapy” is a form of equestrian therapy that provides healing through contact with horses and riding experiences. At "Aya Horse Park", anyone can easily experience horse therapy, such as a horse riding experience and a horse riding experience, in the magnificent nature.


You can take a leisurely stroll
Sprinting through the wind is also good

A clear river flowing from evergreen forests and its mountains. Bicycles are recommended in Aya Town, where beautiful and rich nature and people coexist. You can feel the unique air and wind here that you can't feel in a car.


Safe and secure Aya vegetables where you can enjoy the original taste of vegetables

Aya Town is working on "organic farming" that does not use chemically synthesized fertilizers or pesticides. It is known that "organic vegetables" made by organic farming that does not pollute the water and the earth are more nutritious than general vegetables. Organic vegetables can be purchased at the direct sales store "Aya Handmade Honmono Center" in the town.